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अखिल भारतीय व्यवसायिक एवं सामुदायिक संस्थान



Registered under the Society Act, 1860

अखिल भारत व्यवसायिक एवं सामुदायिक संस्थान

Established in 2003

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The Award Winner

Mr. Mayukh Maitra

Data Scientist

Mr. Mayukh Maitra: Pioneering Data Science for Corporate Innovation and Social Good

In the dynamic world of data science, Mr. Mayukh Maitra stands out as a visionary, weaving innovation with societal progress. His illustrious career, marked by transformative contributions across advertising technology and healthcare sectors, has set new benchmarks for how data science can optimize business strategies and foster social welfare.

At major organizations including Walmart Connect and GroupM, he has pioneered the development of media mix models using genetic algorithms, revolutionizing the way advertising campaigns allocate budgets for maximum impact. This breakthrough underscores his unparalleled ability to harness complex data science tools to drive corporate success.

Beyond the corporate arena, his commitment to social advancement shines through his co-founding of the TogetherThrive Foundation. Here, he applies his extensive data science expertise to bridge the gap in legal awareness, empowering individuals with knowledge and tools to navigate the legal system more effectively. This initiative reflects his belief in the power of data science not just as a business tool, but as a force for good, capable of creating a more equitable society.

His dedication to excellence in data science is further evidenced by his roles as a judge and peer reviewer at prestigious conferences and awards, where he contributes to shaping the future of the field. His recent accolade, the Indian Achiever’s Award, recognizes his significant professional achievements and his contribution to nation-building, highlighting his role as a catalyst for change.

His story is a testament to the transformative potential of data science—a blend of innovation, compassion, and commitment to societal progress. His work exemplifies how technical expertise can transcend the confines of business, lighting the way toward a future where technology and humanity intersect to build a fairer world.

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