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अखिल भारतीय व्यवसायिक एवं सामुदायिक संस्थान



Registered under the Society Act, 1860

अखिल भारत व्यवसायिक एवं सामुदायिक संस्थान

Established in 2003

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Empowering the Backbone of the Indian Economy: Celebrating the Potential of MSMEs and Startups

The Backbone of the Indian Economy

Small and medium-sized businesses, startups, and individuals form the backbone of the Indian economy. Their entrepreneurial spirit and drive to succeed fuel innovation and economic growth. At our organization, we are dedicated to promoting and recognizing the potential of these entities, as we firmly believe that they are the key to India’s prosperity.

By providing a platform for MSMEs and startups to showcase their potential and talents, we aim to help them reach new heights of success. We understand the challenges they face and strive to support their growth and development.

Recognizing and Promoting Growth

One of our primary objectives is to ensure that the government and society as a whole recognize and understand the needs of the business community. We advocate for policies and initiatives that promote the growth of MSMEs and startups, as we believe in their immense contribution to the nation’s well-being.

Through our efforts, we provide a platform for MSMEs and startups to connect with potential customers, investors, and partners. We facilitate networking events, trade fairs, and conferences to foster collaboration and growth. We also offer resources and guidance to help entrepreneurs navigate the challenges of starting and growing a business, including access to mentors, funding opportunities, and sector-specific knowledge.

Unleashing the Potential

We are dedicated to unleashing the full potential of MSMEs and startups in India. Through our initiatives, we aim to create an ecosystem that nurtures innovation and entrepreneurship, enabling these entities to thrive.

Join us in celebrating the potential of MSMEs and startups. Together, we can empower the backbone of the Indian economy and pave the way for a brighter future.

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